Karie Slagle

Account Partner

As our Account Partner, Karie is responsible for fielding and onboarding new clients, as well as keeping all projects on schedule, on brief and within budget. Her work has been recognized and celebrated within the industry – most recently earning the AAF Dallas Shining Star Award, naming her one of the top 25 women in Advertising. With a decade of experience, her passion for bringing nice people together to create nice things makes her perfectly suited for building lasting relationships with clients, creatives and vendors alike.

Bret Sano

Creative Partner

With over 25 years of industry experience and too many awards to list, we couldn’t think of a better person to spearhead our creative team. Bret is a fearless designer and creative director with a keen understanding of visual identity, digital mediums, print and every other brand touchpoint imaginable. As our Creative Partner, he leads our design team and guides clients through the branding process. While Bret places strategy at the core of everything he does, he also believes that breaking the rules in a compelling way is what sets the best brands apart.

Kait Sterling

Strategy Partner

Kait is a writer, designer and strategist with a knack for storytelling and social media. Her work has been featured in GQ, Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal and Vogue. Having successfully pursued her own entrepreneurial endeavors, Kait is hyper-aware of the pain points faced by business owners. This allows her to approach projects from every angle, distilling complex issues and ideas into cohesive concepts that help businesses thrive. As our Strategy Partner, Kait works closely with clients to identify problems, clarify goals and execute creative that laughs in the face of failure.