Bret Sano, Creative Partner

Likes to think 'big picture' and loves a blank canvas. Not afraid to be daring or different. Fan of psychobabble and olives. Failed bass player. Okay hockey player. Excels at design, writing, photography and strategy. Introverted extrovert. Proud papa. Frequently described as "chill". Probably says "dude" or "man" too often. Kind of insistent on brands having a rhyme or reason. Above all, passionate about what he does.

Karie Slagle, Account Partner

Lives in the details and checks every box on a ’Type A’ personality quiz. Dual citizen and hodophile. Entirely obsessed with all things food and wine. Huge advocate for going to sleep before 10PM. Wannabe athlete. Uses Peloton as a form of meditation. Animal whisperer. Extroverted extrovert. Loves taking risks, but only when everything has been properly researched, planned and accounted for.

Kait Sterling, Strategy Partner

Generalist with a black belt in "making it happen". Believes in breaking the rules, but making sure they’re all clearly established first. Empath. Problem solver. Bringer of goof. Bad with numbers, but great with words. Weirdly into motels and historic properties. Former school mascot. Sci-fi nerd. Tree hugger. Extroverted introvert. Will shamelessly ask “are you going to eat that?” if even one scrap of food is left on your plate.